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In the graphic beach of Agria you will find many taverns, tsipoyradika, cafe-bar, that will offer to you unique moments of amusement and relaxation. The nightly life is particularly intense that you gonna be amazed!

Following the coastal way you will realize that you are near in the narrow railway line from the unique little train of Pelion which you will also meet the festival period at the implementation of itinerary Volos - Agria. 

In Agria with the coastal department of 3, 5 kilometers you can enjoy fresh fish in the restaurants or in the ouzo selling restaurant as also and your coffee near in the wave.

From Agria you can go in the martyred village, in the Drakeia, in the most beautiful village with the traditional mansions, the traditional rooms for letting and shops with the local dishes. The rich waters that flow in the streams maintain the green that will magically impress the visitor. 

Then you can go up to the top of Pelion, in the mountain of Kantars, where you will meet village Chania with the ski centre of Pelion. Chania Pelion is festival and wintry resort, where the summertime you can enjoy the dew of region in combination with the traditional food and the coffee in the cafeterias of Chanias and winter enjoying the ski in the athletic ski centre Pelion.

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ROOMS TO LET / Tsihlas rooms/ AGRIA VOLOS, Tel.: (+30) 24280-92170, email: